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Kids Sports; Think Outside the Box (Part 5 Recap)

Today I am going to review the sports I covered in this blog series, “Kids Sports; Think Outside the Box”.

Over the past few blogs I talked about some different sports that are out there for kids to get involved in. Some kids are into sports, some aren’t, and some, well, they might be interested, but just not in to the “most common” kids sports (basketball, soccer, gymnastics, football, t-ball, baseball, dance, tennis, golf, swimming, karate, cheerleading).

I was trying to educate parents on some other sports that are out there, some of the “non-traditional” kids sports, and I hope that you were able to learn something about them.

Here is a recap of each sport I covered, and the link to the original blog (incase you missed the original postings):



 (Series Recap Video)

Thanks for reading, and I hope I helped you learn something about these different sports, and maybe one is a great fit for your kid(s)!



I am just a busy mom of a 6 year old, trying to make healthier choices for my family, and to instill healthy habits early on. If any of this was useful to you, please “share” below, it just takes a couple minutes. Thank you! – Michelle