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Raising a Child with Asthma: Part 2 Diagnosis

ASTHMA. Part 2;  What to expect when seeing a specialist and getting a diagnosis.

We talked about our experience with symptoms, what asthma really is, and now, what to do next? Well, our next step was getting a referral from our pediatrician, to a specialist for a diagnosis. For us, we got a referral to a local Children’s Lung, Asthma, and Sleep Specialist.

Asthma can be hard to diagnose, especially with young ones under 5. For us, we were able to be tested with the same tests used for adults. She took a lung function test (spirometry) to measure how quickly and how much air she could exhale. This was done, then a breathing treatment, and then the test again. This helps the specialist determine a course of action to help with the lungs and breathing going forward.

It wasn’t scary to her at all, and she did a great job.

They may also perform a skin allergy test, to test for allergy triggers. We just brought her ipad and let her watch it to keep her distracted. Unfortunately, ours showed nothing, so we also did the allergy blood testing at a local lab, but again, came back negative. So, we are in the same boat of not really “knowing” what she is allergen triggers are, just that I DO know he has them, and they cause flare ups. Keep in mind that sometimes, if your child is taking antihistamines (zyrtec/claritin), the skin tests wont work and they will need the blood testing done.

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What’s next? Part 3; Treatment


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I am by far NO EXPERT on this condition, but, just a mom sharing her journey. There are things I have learned, that I wish I knew before. I just want to share my story and maybe help others along the way. I know I am NOT alone with this, and we all need to stick together and share what we know.