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Raising a Child with Asthma: Intro

ASTHMA. Our journey began just about a year ago. But, we were experiencing it well before that for sure. I know there are many others who are probably going through this, or will be, and I want to share my story.

You might have a child who has had Asthma for years, or, you are new to Asthma, or, you are not even sure if you child has Asthma or not, but you have questions….

My daughter is now 6, finally officially diagnosed with Asthma, and we are learning things as we go (good and bad). She has always been a healthy baby and toddler, but was always having a bad cough. After a few visits to urgent care (when our pediatrician was closed), one of the doctors finally told me what I felt I already knew, “your daughter is asthmatic”. Right then, I wanted to change pediatricians, and we did. I knew that she had something going on…….

We have been through (and still dealing with) the night-time coughing, the wheezing, the meds that seem to not work, the being confused of what the cause it, how to treat it, and more. It seems like a never ending ride. I feel so bad for her when she is having an episode that I can not seem to fix for her. It all gets very stressful for sure. We want to FIX everything and make our little ones feel better. When we can’t, it’s hard.

In this upcoming blog series (over the next week), I am going to cover a lot about my experiences so far. Such as, symptoms, triggers, different types of Asthma, specialists, treatments, action plans, tips, resources, support groups, and more. I want to share them and offer some insight.

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I am by far NO EXPERT on this condition, but, just a mom sharing her journey. There are things I have learned, that I wish I knew before. I just want to share my story and maybe help others along the way. I know I am NOT alone with this, and we all need to stick together and share what we know.