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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Your Kids; Lunchbox Recipes

Packing Healthy School Lunches: I am excited to be finishing up this blog series about, “Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for your Kids” with you all.  I have already talked about some very unhealthy foods being marketed to our kids today, some of my favorite lunchboxes I use to pack her school lunch, tips for packing a healthier school lunch, and lastly, lunchbox ideas and tons of recipes from other parents, websites and blogs. You will never get bored with lunch!

30 Recipes From Celebrity Chef Parents:

50 Recipes:

101 Lunch Ideas:

2 Weeks Full of Recipes:

Plant-Based Bento Box Lunches (Facebook page):

(the above Bentoriffic is also a personal friend of mine)

Below is what our packed lunches looked like this past week. I didn’t follow any recipes or menu for these, just threw them together with what we had in the house. Easy, and she ate them all, so that’s what matters.

Here is a link to the Easy Lunchboxes (set of 4) that I love to use, and are very durable!

Fun Fact About Us:  We started Kindergarten this year, and a few weeks in, my 5 year old asked if she could start buying her lunch instead of me packing it. I thought to myself, hmmmmm, that will save some time in the morning, sure, let's try it out. Well, can you guess how long that lasted? Just about 1 week! Then, we only purchased on Pizza Fridays, and she ended up asking to stop that too, because she didn't like the pizza.  Haha! So, we were back to packing, and with foods that she was used to eating. Now I know that she is eating healthy, and getting the proper nutrients daily.

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Thanks for reading this series (part 1-4)!


I am just a busy mom, trying to make healthier choices for my family, and to instill healthy habits early on. If any of this was useful to you, please "share" below, it just takes a couple minutes. Thank you!