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Kids Sports; Think Outside the Box (Part 1 Intro)

Kids Sports: Kids are not all the same. Think outside the box. In this blog series I will be introducing some non-traditional kids sports. Not all kids are attracted to typical team sports and the competitiveness that surrounds it. While take me-out-to-the-ball game is indeed a great pastime and there are many benefits to traditional athletics — unless your child is truly enjoying themselves and has his/her head in the game it might be time to discover some new opportunities. There are many sports that people may not really know about, and that’s what this topic will be over the next few blogs.

As parents, we all are familiar with the “traditional” kids sports, or for another word, the more “popular” sports, for example:

  • Baseball/Teeball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Cheerleading (Football/Pop-Warner)
  • Karate
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Golf

For some kids, mine included, these don’t really interest them. It’s not that the kids are not athletic, it’s just that these sports don’t interest them. For us, we did have an interest in gymnastics and dance early on, but, then it seemed to slowly disappear. Which was strange to me, because she was always doing cartwheels and dancing around the house…..

But…..did you know that there are lots of other sports kids can be involved with? It’s just maybe they are not as commercialized, or, they weren’t popular when we (the parents) were kids, so we don’t really know about them. Well, I am here to give you some insight in to some of these sports, and maybe, one might be perfect for your kid(s).

Some of these non-traditional sports (and I will be featuring some in my blog series in the next 2 weeks) consist of:

  • Baton
  • BMX Racing
  • Archery
  • Run Clubs
  • Surfing/Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Ice Skating
  • All-Star Cheer (different from football/pop-warner cheerleading)

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I am just a busy mom of a 6 year old, trying to make healthier choices for my family, and to instill healthy habits early on. If any of this was useful to you, please “share” below, it just takes a couple minutes. Thank you!