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Hollywood Studios FUN!

Our day at Hollywood Studios!

Well, we planned for rain, and the rain never came, it was HOT! Likely, there is a lot of shade, and most things were indoors.

We had ONE goal….to see the Incredibles Celebration…..and we NAILED IT! We got there early, went straight there, and saw the first show. It was a FUN and INTERACTIVE dance party! See video at the end of the blog.

We tried to fit in as much as we could (since we thought it was going to storm at some point). Caylyn likes the meet and greets, and the shows. There are SOME characters that we stay away from….they are too tall and scary sometimes. This trip, the Storm Troopers came out of nowhere in a hallway and startled her. We were prepared and had a calming essential oil roller ball with us. We sat down, took some deep breathes, put on some oil, and then were ready to continue on….

Here was our day:

Incredibles Celebration
Fancy Nancy (new since we were there in January)
Doc McStuffins
Disney Junior Dance Party
Star Wars Show (half of it, until it got too loud)
Lunch (YUM)
Lightning McQueen (and DANCE PARTY)
Beauty & the Beast Show (this is when my phone died…but we kept going)

We left at 5:30, and it never stormed. It actually got very hot when we were on Sunset Blvd. Probably the hottest part of the day, and it’s not very shaded in that part of the park. Coincidentally, this was when C said her feet were starting to hurt….we took a restroom and water break real quick…..and then….this is when we stumbled in to the the FUN and AWESOME dance party. At the end, C got to perform with them. Very cool (it’s at the end of the video posted at bottom).

C got a YUMMY vanilla cupcake at lunch, from a very sweet cast member who wanted to cheer her up after the storm troopers gave her a little scare. I was impressed with the delicious salad I got for lunch (vegan). Last time we went I had the vegan nachos from Toy Story Land. To see what I ate all day, scroll to bottom!

To cool down, we tried the Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade (soft serve, not the one in the container) and that hit the spot! We enjoyed it sitting inside, waiting to see Belle (and when my phone died).

QUESTION: What is YOUR favorite thing to do or see at Hollywood Studios? Or, if you have never been….who is your FAVORITE character?


Thanks for reading and check out the full video of our day below!


What did I eat all day?

Many know how picky I am, and that I am plant based. Here is a breakdown of what I ate during the day (we were there 9:30-5:30 and ate dinner at home):

Drive over: coffee from home from my Ninja Coffee Bar

Breakfast in park: my shakeology (health shake), water, and an Incredibles pretzel (it’s all about balance, haha)!





Lunch: Southwestern Salad (mixed greens, black beans, avocado), side carrots, coconut water (we brought in from home from ALDI).







Snack: Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade, and LOTS of water all day