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DVDs…………….So, if you have a young kid at home, they probably have some favorite movies they love to watch over and over again, am I right?

My 6 year old watches High School Musical and Descendants over and over and over…..and sometimes, Frozen and Trolls gets thrown in that mix too!

I am very excited to see the new Holiday Trolls and I am sure she will be too! I know the special is airing on TV Friday night, on NBC at 8:30pm (EST), but we are getting a DVD copy to have as well.

Here is a sneak peek of the beginning of the DVD from DreamWorksTV! Enjoy!




Here it is below if you are interested in buying a copy.



What’s the current FAVORITE DVD in your household these days? Share below in the comments.


Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! And here are more easy ordering links to the others we like as well.