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Week 2 Hammer & Chisel thoughts….

I loved Chisel Agility today, why?

1. NO equipment needed, whooohooo!!!!
2. Reminded me of Shaun T and my soulmate workout, Insanity, with some P90X3 combined in.
3. 1 minute drills, 2 rounds
4. Heart-rate was pounding, legs were screaming
5. Did it all before my preschooler got up for school
PS….I am not jumping too high because that’s where our fan is, lol (video is on my facebook page over at


I am 2 weeks in to this The Master’s Hammer & Chisel program, and what I really love the best is the warm-up and cool downs. The warm-up focuses more on stretching, and the cool downs are a bit longer than they were in Body Beast, which I really like when using weights. Loving this so far. ‪#‎joinme‬‪#‎masterschallenge‬‪#‎daytonafitmom‬‪#‎homeworkouts‬‪#‎alllevels‬‪#‎challengeyourself‬‪#‎fitover40‬‪#‎newyearbetteryou2016‬‪#‎beachbodymomcoach‬