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Almost finished with my 21 Day Fix Extreme

Happy Friday everyone! Wow, I can NOT believe that I am almost done with this first round of the new 21 Day Fix Extreme program; I guess time flies when you are enjoying your workouts.

For me, as a busy mom of a newly turned 4 year old…..I really like the 30 minute workouts, and the simple portion planning of the portion controlled containers for eating. I can wake up EARLY before she does, get my workout in for the day, prep my first few meals, and her breakfast, and be ready to take on the rest of the day; I don’t have to worry about fitting in my workout, and, I feel energized all day long from starting off my day that way.

I do the program Vegan, so, the planning takes a little but longer because I need to be creative with some categories; I still drink my Vegan Shakeology daily, but, I am really loving the results. I am not trying to lose weight, but to continue to tone up and get stronger.

I enjoy helping others, so, if you would like to ask me more about this, or any other program, ask away! be back soon! Oh, and I have my meals all posted in Pinterest, under DaytonaFitMom.